• Kristin

Sharing My Why

When I had announced my new venture on Linked In, I received so many encouraging words of support. Yet I had one person, a connection that I do not know personally, ask me why I would ever want to go out on my own in these crazy times. I'm not going to lie, but that comment planted the seed of doubt in me.

I started thinking about my why. Like many of us, the last several months gave me the opportunity to realize what is important. I was fortunate enough to keep my job during Covid. I was also fortunate enough to be able to help other business owners through these uncertain times.

It was in helping others, I realized that there were very few trusted advisors that really understood what an entrepreneur needed to be able to make it through a pandemic. I am not talking about only the financial support. But the understanding that they care about their employees and their customers. They are concerned that their employees are looked after, if their employees can continue to support their families and if there will be enough work to be able to bring the employees back.

Many times, I spoke with clients about scenarios and what if's. Information was changing with light speed and our clients needed someone to keep up with the changing of information. Each change meant a change for their employees and or their cash flow.

This is why I decided to go out of my own. To be a solid resource for entrepreneur's, a reliable source to assist them in their day-to-day decisions. Knowing that most times, business decisions cannot wait three months for their bookkeeping to be completed. The bookkeeping / accounting industry has changed greatly with technology. With the world moving and changing as fast as it has been, I want to be able to serve my customer base so they can grow and continue supporting their customers and employees.

There is never a good time to venture out and do something new, exciting, big and scary, every business owner knows this. It is my why, why it was the right time for me, crazy times or not.

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